A Day with the Balos Family

Come join us for a fun event at Warner Camp

60 55th St, Grand Junction, MI, United States

Saturday, May 24th 7:00pm

and Sunday, May 25th 10:30am

Mothers Day 2014

“Mom, thank you for all the love and care you’ve shone to us kids throughout our whole lives, one of the greatest mom’s anyone could ever have or ever ask for!! You made sure your children knew that you loved them, you poured out your love to us in many ways, you’ve kept us in prayer, sung us to sleep, made us giggle, and was always there! You would stay up till three in the morning, just to help us through the struggles we faced! Most of all, thank you for you’re strength in the Lord!!! What a godly example you’ve left for your children, that even though you might be faced with the “biggest” challenge in life, you remained strong in the Lord, and in the Power of HIS might! What an amazing, strong, caring, and loving mom we have!!! Thank you for being that mom to us!!! Happy Mothers Day”

~ You’re children,
Kenny, Ben, Bonnie, Jimmy, Jenna, Nate, and Joel

Ramona (Mom)