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24yr Wedding Anniversary

Then and Now

1/24/1987                              1/24/2011

A celebration of Michael and Ramona’s 24th wedding anniversary!


“God had a PLAN when He put your lives together

And He was there when ALL the trials arose

ALWAYS remember, He put you together for



On August 23rd 1987 you gave birth              On June  30th, 1989  you gave birth

to your oldest child                                                 to your second child

Kenneth Balos                                                            Benjamin Balos

On February 9th 1991 you gave birth                    On March 31st 1992 you gave birth

to your third child                                                          to your forth child

Bonnie Balos                                                                         James Balos

On September 18th 1998 you gave birth                 On July 14th 2003 you gave birth

to your fifth child                                                                   to your sixth child

Jenna Balos                                                                              Nathanael Balos

On September 9th 2008 you gave birth

to your seventh child

Joel Balos

Do you think this was all by mistake? Or was it part of that plan that God had for you? God NEVER makes any mistakes, & he put your lives together as a plan for that special purpose He had in mind :)

“Till Death Do You Part!”

“Lord, bless our home, protect our home; Let it be a refuge in this world of sin. Lord reign with-in, keep us strong and true; And when we need You most, Lord, draw us close, committed to each other. Lord, bless our home; we give our home to You.” (Words by: Ron Hamilton’s song “Lord, Bless Our Home”)

Guess Which Balos

We’re going to have a little game for y’all to be able to “guess which Balos” you think this is… each week we’ll have a new baby picture & when you guess all nine baby pictures we will then at the end have a new post showing all the baby pics with the right name for each one.